5 reasons why you want Corydoras

With more than 160 species, the Corydoras family is well represented. These fun fish come in all kinds of colors, patterns and sizes. But why would you want them?

Corydoras are very nice bottom fish. In nature, they come from South America. As a result, they especially like softer water with an acidic pH. If they get used to it properly, they can survive in multiple conditions. It is true that Cory’s get stressed pretty quickly. Transport and switching aquariums is not fun for them either. If you buy Corydoras from the store, it is advisable to let them float for half an hour first so that they can get used to the temperature. Between 20 and 28 degrees is survivable for them, but it is wiser never to let the temperature fall below 23.

Turn off the aquarium lighting when the bag is hanging in the aquarium. This ensures that the fish remain calmer. This is of course beneficial. After half an hour, add some water from the aquarium so that they can get used to the new water values. Let them hang with that water for a while. After that you can release them.

Note: Only transfer the fish; NEVER the water they were in.

The clean up crew of the aquarium.

Every aquarium needs a cleanup crew. Corydoras are excellent soil cleaners. Make sure that food actually reaches the bottom. The Corydoras also help keep the aquarium bottom moving. This contributes to maintaining water quality.

However, it is important to ensure that the soil contains very fine gravel or preferably sand. Corydoras use their “mustache hairs” to scan the bottom. Coarse gravel can cause damage or tear. This can make them unable to find food and eventually die. Keep the Corydoras happy and they’ll save you a lot of clutter.

Small is beautiful.

Corydoras are fairly small for bottom fishing, with a maximum length of around 8 cm. Because of their small size and their curiosity, they can often find leftover food in the smallest of cracks. Make sure they get the space to swim. Aquariums smaller than 60 cm should not contain corys.

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Bye fish, cozy in the spotlight.

Unlike most benthic fish, Corydoras are not nocturnal. They are very active during the day and often in full view. Another advantage is that when you start feeding your other fish, the Cory’s often hang underneath to catch the leftovers. So there will be very little clutter left.

Friendly Aquarium resident.

The Corydoras is one of the friendliest fish you can have. Their gentle nature is marked by the fact that they leave all other fish alone. Even shrimp can go their own way. They are real group animals and will almost always swim together. If they are not kept in a group you will see them very little.

And let’s be very honest. They are simply beautiful fish to look at.

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