Apple snail in your aquarium

Apple snail is perhaps the most striking snail for the aquarium. This tropical freshwater snail is very popular because of its size and color. In the wild, the apple snail can grow up to 20cm, in the aquarium they rarely exceed 7cm. The bright yellow apple snail is the best known, but cultivars are also available in green, white and blue.

Help I have too many snails

Help, I have too many snails, what should I do! We hear it often. A nice animal-friendly solution is a snail trap. You can view these here. A wonderful way to get rid of snails. It is a lot more difficult than a drug such as Gastropex. That goes a lot faster.

keep apple snails

Most apple snail species are tropical and therefore want a temperature of around 21-23 degrees. In the case of apple snails, an apple snail will live for about one year at a temperature of more than 25 degrees, and four years at a temperature of 20 degrees.

Before purchasing it must be carefully checked which type it concerns. Otherwise you are taking a risk with your aquarium plants in mind. It is possible to keep apple snails, but they often die for unknown reasons. To ensure that the freshly bought apple snails live longer, a little knowledge is necessary. Starting with the different species.

Common types of apple snails

The apple snail is actually a collective name for a large variety of different snail families. Most are not commercially available. For the interested among us, those are the: Pomacea diffusa, Pomacea canaliculata and Marisa cornuarietis. Why is that important to know? Because of your aquarium plants. The Pomacea canaliculata and Marisa comuarietis will eat your aquarium plants . And of course we shouldn’t have that. Fortunately, the Pomacea diffusa leaves your aquarium plants alone. See attached photo and then you know right which one you need! Take a look at the following video and you’ll see how beautiful apple snails are.

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Apple snail and aquarium plants

As has become clear above, choosing the right apple snail is important. You often hear sounds of someone who, after purchasing snails, suddenly has eaten all the aquarium plants. The blame is sometimes attributed to the apple snails, but that is by no means the case with the Pomacea diffusa. These do not eat aquarium plants. Apple snails and aquarium plants are therefore perfectly possible.

Apple snail and eggs

The eggs of the apple snail are easy to spot. They look a bit like a bunch of grapes or a raspberry. At first they have a white color but after a few hours the outside hardens. After a few days they get their final pink color (with the Pomacea diffusa).

The eggs should thrive in a moist environment but should not get wet or end up in water. The Pomacea diffusa lays its eggs outside the aquarium, so a cover is absolutely necessary. After about three weeks, the eggs hatch and the young snails fall into the water.

Apple snail and food

An apple snail has a wide appetite, as long as there is nutritional value in it. You can make an apple snail happy by occasionally adding vegetables such as cucumber and lettuce to your aquarium. Fish food, dead fish and algae are also advisable. Although not all algae are eaten. You can read which aquarium inhabitants do that in the blog about fighting animals and algae . Do not give them too much food as they produce a considerable amount of waste.

Apple snail and water quality

Apple snails are generally more resistant to poor water quality than your aquarium fish. Therefore there are no special requirements for the water. What should be paid attention to is the calcium concentration. The shell is made up of calcium crystals, so if there is a shortage, holes can form in the shell. Therefore ensure a pH value of 6.8 and 7.8.

Another side of water quality concerns dead apple snails. These are a major burden on your aquarium water. So always remove it immediately from your aquarium.

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