Aquarium back wall? read this first, then act!

The back wall of the aquarium determines the entire look of your aquarium. An aquarium without a back wall is no more than a glass container through which you can see the room wall. Fortunately, there are many aquarium back wall types, so many that it can be difficult to make a choice. Or we will get to work en masse with plaster, polystyrene foam and resin! In fact, there are three choices you can make for an aquarium back wall.

Quickly find the right aquarium back wall?

The right back wall really makes or breaks your aquarium. Reason enough to make the right decision. If you’re not sure which one to buy, I wholeheartedly recommend the aquarium back wall that I use myself. Mainly because they look lifelike, are good quality and really give my aquarium a natural look. A huge difference in appearance after I placed the back wall.

First: make your own back wall;
Second:  buy a back wall for outside the aquarium;
Third:  buy a back wall for inside the aquarium.

Want to make your own aquarium back wall? Some tips!

If you really want to have something unique and want to show your creative side, then of course you go to work yourself. Almost anything is possible with the different materials you can find.

Just don’t forget to treat these materials! Most aquarium backs are finished with, for example, resin to protect them against water.

Treat the back wall with resin in a well-ventilated area, or outdoors. Once the resin has cured, it protects the water against the back wall and vice versa. Important to know:

  • Tip:  Keep in mind that the background determines the foreground. If you make it too light, it will look white. If you make it very dark, you won’t see anything.
  • Tip:  Watch out for holes. Algae can form in this. Cleaning a back wall in your aquarium is not easy. Often due to the irregular surface.
  • Tip:  Do you want to set up your aquarium? Then read the blog about How To Set Up An Aquarium – A Step By Step Guides

Want to make your own aquarium background? That is a lot easier when you have gained a lot of ideas and knowledge.

When you don’t want to work with an aquarium back wall

There are days when you would rather not get started yourself, of course. Fortunately, there are other options, such as the aquarium background poster. These are posters that are printed on both sides and that you can attach to the outside of the aquarium. A cheap and simple solution and that is the reason that most enthusiasts do not opt ​​for the back wall aquarium poster. At a certain point you get tired of it yourself, because it does not live with the aquarium.

Advantages of a back wall outside the aquarium Advantages of a back wall in the aquarium
Is cheaper than a back wall in the aquarium Looks more natural
You hardly have to worry about it, it doesn’t get dirty and is not very present Can define the style and centerpiece of your aquarium. And that can be very beautiful.
It doesn’t take up space Gives the aquarium more depth
Easy to replace compared to a back wall in the aquarium itself Sometimes offers the fish a place to hide

There are many more back wall species that you can purchase ready-made in the specialist store. These are often set up around a specific theme and you can best estimate for yourself which of the variants best suits your aquarium. In general, you have to pay attention to the space you have available and the color is also an important factor. After all, you want to ensure that you can enjoy your fish and plants the most; You can also look at a black surface by simply turning off your screen.

Finally a question for you!

Do you have experience with making an aquarium back wall or do you want to buy? Or can you help people with your knowledge about your aquarium background? Leave a comment here!

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