Best Tips To Check Out Goldfish Diseases and Cure Them

Goldfish owners really don’t want to face goldfish diseases. Though it is avoidable, it requires persistent efforts to avoid them. Mostly, illness visible signs are the effect or problems that take place on the water tank within days or weeks. Some fish owners might not have too much time in taking care of their goldfish. 

It is not surprising that goldfish that look healthy may not really healthy. Sick goldfish don’t show sign earlier than any owner can imagine. This is why, it is important to find out the best ways to cure diseases that most goldfish face. It is sad to see goldfish died, particularly when they are still very young.

Goldfish Diseases – Find Out Why They Get Sick

There are several factors that can guarantee goldfish to remain healthy. If owners take all those factors for granted, then there will be great problems. Among the most common diseases include anchor worm, dropsy, hole in the head, lice, clowdy eye, flukes, ulcers and many more. Any goldfish can suffer from any of those diseases, whenever they are left untreated under certain circumstances.

Goldfish Diseases

First of all, owners need to pay attention to the quality of the water. Though it sounds obvious, rare owners understand that goldfish can get sick, due to the high ammonia levels. Owners think that the water is safe and ammonia free because it is clear. As a matter of fact, toxic water doesn’t relate to the clear water condition. These days, there are various kits to check the water level. They include ammonia alert kit, test kit, water conditioner, and many more.

Stressed goldfish happens due to the first factor. Goldfish can suffer from stress when their environment doesn’t support its growth. Poor quality of water results in toxicity stress. This kind of stress is also caused by crowded tank. So, goldfish don’t really like crowded environment, even if this kind of fish love to be in a group. However, goldfish can also feel stressed when they dwell along with other kinds of fish with lots of movements.

The last but not least, the temperature is also another factor that causes fish to feel stress. When the water is too cold, goldfish can suffer a lot. They might not be able to recover after hibernation.

Find Out Healthy Goldfish Signs First

goldfish stress

Sick goldfish don’t show these signs:

  • Bright color within certain length of time
  • Eating food enthusiastically during the feeding time
  • Moving their gills regularly and mannerly
  • swimming all around
  • Scales are shiny and clean
  • Upright fins, no tears or rips
  • Responsive to light and vibration quickly

What To Avoid

There are two ‘enemies’ of goldfish. They are

  1. Ammonia

This is the main cause of diseases that almost all goldfish suffer. Ammonia results on the fish waste, as well as the cycle of nitrogen. Owners can choose salt or fresh water for their aquarium. Yet, they need to ensure that they can maintain the ammonia level within 0.0 ppm. It is best to have ammonia removal product after installing ammonia alert sensor.

  1. Nitrite

Nitrite is caused by the broken ammonia that occurs with the contribution of water’s natural bacteria. It contains of toxic, so the water should be treated with water conditioner for cleaning the nitrites.

Do These Precautions

Fishowners should pay attention to do some precautions before it is too late. Here are some signs to notice. Whenever goldfish float at the top side of the tank, but they still try to swim, then they might suffer from swim bladder disease. This disease is caused by the wrong diet. It is best to find certain food for prone goldfish because this disease is caused by constipation.

But, when there are white dots in small size appear, then they suffer from parasites. It is best to remove the goldfish to an empty tank with 85 degrees Fahrenheit water temperature. Add anti-parasitic treatment.

However, when goldfish are trying to gasp at the surface, they might suffer from low oxygen levels. Then it is best to replace half of the water by using gravel cleaner. The new water should be chlorinated.

So, don’t underestimate goldfish diseases. It is best to avoid any disease rather than cure them. Or else, you will feel sorry for losing your cute watery friends.

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