Buying fish food: Choose the right fish food for your fish!

As an aquarium enthusiast you want the best for your aquarium fish. Buying the right fish food is therefore of great importance. But how do you know what the right fish food is for your aquarium fish?

The right fish food for your aquarium fish

The resistance and health of the aquarium fish is largely determined by the nutrients they ingest. When you look at the fish food, you can ask the following question: what do your fish eat in their natural environment? Of course you can’t imitate this exactly. It does give you a good idea about the composition you need in the diet. After all, feeding the fish becomes a lot more fun when you are sure that you are feeding the right fish food.

What do fish eat and how many fish do you have in the aquarium?

Most aquarium enthusiasts know the importance of live food. It contains just a little more nutrients and stimulates the aquarium fish to move. What fish eat in the natural environment is mimicked in the fish food you can buy. This is processed as quickly as possible to preserve as many nutrients as possible. This way the aquarium fish still get what they need. It is of course not real live food. Do you want to get started with live food to feed your fish? Then you can use an incubator set with which you can make artemia crustaceans yourself.

When buying fish food and feeding fish, keep an eye on how many fish live in the aquarium. When you always have enough fish food in stock, there is never panic. Pay close attention to how much the fish eat while feeding. If the food is completely finished within two to three minutes, feed a little more next time. Is there any fish food left behind and the aquarium fish are no longer interested in the remaining fish food? Then reduce the amount of food. This way you prevent impurities and algae growth in the aquarium water (and preventing algae is always better than fighting algae !)

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Replenish fish food with extras

The color, resistance and health of the aquarium fish depend on the fish food. Keep this in mind when buying fish food, so that you can offer a varied diet. For example, consider supplements to the fish food for tropical fish or fish food that is specially made for a healthy color in aquarium fish.

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