Can Fish Eat Other Fish In Aquarium?

The fact that aquarium fish eat other fish is no secret to anyone. But not everyone knows for what reason this happens. It is clear that predators and small herbivorous fish cannot be kept together. The predators will quickly deal with them. But sometimes representatives of the same species eat each other for no apparent reason. Let’s see why this is happening.

Why Fish Eat Other Fish In Aquarium?

Sick Fish

If a sick fish appears in the aquarium, then its relatives will definitely attack it. In the end, they will overcome it and eat it. To prevent this from happening, it is better to plant such a fish, and wait for its recovery. The dead fish will also become food. It is simply food for the other inhabitants of the aquarium. This is the law of Nature, according to which all the sick and the dead are food for the healthy.

Aggressor Fish

fish eating other fish

In general, fish are not very picky about food. If they see that they can eat something, or someone, they will never refuse it. Whether it is dry food, fry, or the corpse of a dead relative, they don’t give a damn about it, because fish are not allowed to experience emotions. It’s a shame when you buy a beautiful fish at a pet store, release it into the aquarium, and it is immediately eaten. How to determine which of the inhabitants of the aquarium is the initiator of this business?

You can just watch the behavior of the fish. Sometimes the aggressor immediately reveals himself. He openly attacks his relatives. In this case, you can try to isolate him from the rest of the inhabitants of the aquarium, and perhaps the situation will return to normal.

If you add new fish to the aquarium, then the inhabitants living in it may show aggression towards them. The paradox is that even the most peaceful fish can become incredibly aggressive. It is advisable to take this point into account.

Observe the behavior of the new fish. The thing is that a certain hierarchy had already developed before its appearance in the aquarium. Each of its inhabitants has their own place here. With the presence of a new member of the aquarium society, everything changes. It must choose its place in this hierarchy. Here everything will depend on how the beginner will behave. If it hides and runs away, it will be at the lowest rung of the hierarchical ladder. But it also happens that the beginner shows aggression and attacks old fish. In this case, it can become a leader. Well, and the fact that as a result of such animal strife some fish may die. This is a common occurrence in such cases. But it is better, nevertheless, to isolate such a fish, as they say, away from sin.

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Territorial Fish

To put things in order in the aquarium, and not to plant new fish, experienced aquarists swap decoration items and add new shelters. In this case, the old hierarchical order will be lost, and the fish will have to re-allocate territory. Whether this will help is unknown. Try it, maybe everything will work out. One thing is clear that in the struggle for territory the fish cannot do without victims. If all else fails, then feel free to remove the aggressor from the aquarium.

fish eating fish

Nature has created fish in such a way that they regard everything that moves as food, and are smaller than their size. The strong eat the weak, the healthy attack the sick, the large eat the small. In addition, males can show aggression in the fight for a female. In this case, their fights may end with the death of one of the participants, who is then eaten. Such fish are kept in an aquarium no more than one pair. An exception is a fairly large aquarium, where each couple will have their own territory. 

By the way, the same gourami during the spawning period become simply unbearable. The male shows aggression towards everyone who dares to approach his territory. There is only one way out, put it in a separate aquarium and keep it there for three months. After that, he becomes quiet and peaceful.

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