Catfish food: Keep your catfish healthy!

Catfish food – Catfish may be bottom fish in the aquarium, but they are not garbage eaters like other bottom fish. On the contrary: by nature the catfish is a predator that mainly searches for snails, fish, crabs and worms. Larger catfish also likes to eat a duckling or a mouse in the wild. The specimens in the aquarium (fortunately) do not get that big. It does mean that you have to pay extra attention to the food if you want to keep these carnivorous fish. It is therefore advisable to purchase special fish food!

Special catfish food

Special catfish food is instantly frozen at a high speed. As a result, the components and nutrients are optimally preserved and can be effectively absorbed by the catfish after eating. Catfish are bottom fish, so you can look into special food for bottom fish anyway. This is all fast sinking food. Make sure that you do not put too much food in the aquarium water. When the food is left in the aquarium water every day, the water quality deteriorates and you give algae every chance to take over the aquarium. And preventing algae is always better than fighting algae!

A natural diet for your fish

Mimicking a natural habitat in the aquarium can give a nice effect. This is also just pleasant for your fish. But also when it comes to catfish food it is good to look at what these animals eat in nature. The body of a catfish needs certain foods to nourish the organs, give the fish energy and thus increase the resistance of the catfish. Since the catfish in nature have a varied diet with different meals, it is good to imitate this.

You can choose a certain type of main food for catfish and supplement it with other special food for the them. Feeding the fish a varied diet is better for it. For example, you can choose to give live food, but since this is often a bit cumbersome, involves risks and is more work, the special food from a jar is often an excellent alternative to give the catfish a little extra attention.

Frequently asked questions about catfish food

What do catfish like to eat?

Catfish are bottom fish and they are carnivores. This means they like meat. It is therefore strongly recommended to purchase special food.

What’s in catfish food?

In nature, catfish have a varied diet. Most fish foods will strive to mimic this. They will often contain meat.

What do catfish eat in nature?

In the wild, they like to search for snails, fish, crabs and worms. Larger catfish in the wild also like to eat a duck or a frog.

Do you need special food for catfish?

Although you do not need any special food for them, it is recommended. You can also choose to feed them live food.

How often should you feed catfish?

Aquarium catfish should be fed once a day.

Do catfish eat other aquarium fish?

Yes, catfish eat other aquarium fish. They are a predator that in the wild mainly looks for snails, fish, crabs and worms.

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