Do Goldfish Need A Heater? Beginners Should Read This!

Do goldfish need a heater? This kind of question is mostly asked by newbies. They might be considering that goldfish are the kind of cold-water fish. They are living in cool water, like rivers, lakes, and streams. As a matter of fact, they still need a warm temperature particularly when they live in a pool. Goldfish are prone to die whenever they live in very cold surroundings.  Chances are, they will not want to eat or they start hibernating for a long time as they can’t survive.

Do Goldfish Need A Heater Permanently?

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to the regular care of goldfish. This cold-water fish can thrive for up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the highest temperature that the fish can endure. But, it is still fine to maintain a slightly lower temperature, though. Yet, homeowners should make sure that the temperature doesn’t reach higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When they are overheating, they feel restless and are prone to sickness. But, whenever the temperature is lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, then they will not want to eat anything. Even worse, they will die after hovering at the pond’s bottom when the temperature drops sharply up to 50 degrees.

Goldfish Need A Heater

Why Goldfish Don’t Want to Eat Within Very Low Temperature?

Goldfish are changing their behavior naturally whenever the winter is coming. When they live in a pond, then they maintain this behavior in which they will start hibernating in a very cold surrounding. But, goldfish have a better chance to find more food in the wild. This is why they can’t really survive in captivity. Whenever they live in a pond, fish owners really have to pay attention to the water temperature.

Never underestimate the danger of hibernation on goldfish, particularly if they live in captivity. This is particularly for goldfish with a low health condition or those who are underweight. Fish owners need to pay attention to this matter by adding an air stone within the pond.  By adding it, the goldfish can get sufficient oxygen at a very low temperature.

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How To Maintain The Temperature Of The Pond?

Now, let’s start with the kind of pool. For those who own goldfish within an outside pool, then they might not need to provide a heater. On the other hand, an indoor pool for goldfish will need a heater. Pool owners really have to pay attention to the water temperature by checking it regularly. This is to ensure that the goldfish won’t hibernate too long than they should be. Or else, they will die during hibernation.

What If The Water Is Icy?

Some fish pools can be icy whenever the temperature is very cold. When it happens, the water oxygen will drop drastically. This can be very hazardous because goldfish need a good amount of oxygen to keep them fit and healthy. The solution is by giving an air stone which is designed specifically for the size of the pond.

Some pool owners insist that their goldfish are able to survive, even when the pond’s surface is covered with ice. Well, pool owners have to provide, at least, a small hole in the ice. The hole can become the source of oxygen.  But, it is dangerous to let the pond be covered by ice completely because the temperature may freeze the goldfish. Living in an extremely cold climate can increase the chance of the freezing pond.

Can goldfish live without heater

Experienced Are Recommended

So far, goldfish becomes one of several kinds of fish that need special care. This is why beginners shouldn’t try keeping goldfish on their ponds if they are not sure whether they can take care of the fish.  The heater is not the only thing that goldfish need. But, this kind of fish needs very clean water, due to their frequent excrete. It means the water can get dirty easier in which it will reduce the amount of oxygen that goldfish really need. Besides, goldfish like to live in a group, so a big water tank is highly recommended.

So, those who ask ‘do goldfish need a heater’ should spend more time and effort in taking care of goldfish. They should ensure that goldfish live in clean and warm water without taking the adequate food supply for granted.

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