Does loud music affect fish in the aquarium?

Music affect fish – Aquarium fish are rightfully considered one of the most delicate and vulnerable pets. Their calmness and slowness can transmit to the owners, fills the house with harmony and balance. Therefore, ambient sounds directly affect their condition, and hence the standing of the owners.

Does loud music affect fish?

If it is talking about music, then it is worth starting with the fact that loud sound and vibration are categorically contraindicated for aquarium fish. Strong acoustic vibrations stress the aquarium inhabitants and can even destroy the aquarium (especially if it has a large capacity). The question of the influence of music on aquarium fish has not been studied as well as, for example, on dogs and cats, but still some conclusions can be drawn.

Researchers have noticed that fish’s hearing is better tuned to low vibrations, while high vibrations are perceived worse. When fish listen to calm, quiet classical music, their movements become slower than usual, it seems that nothing bothers them. When listening to loud, vigorous, marching music, the movements of the fish become chaotic, anxiety and throwing are noticeable. Such music can be bad for their condition. Loud sounds excite, irritate and frighten fish.

music affect fish

Recommended Musics

Thus, all owners of aquarium fish are advisable to listen to melodious, calm music, for example, from the era of classicism, romanticism, with rather quiet dynamics.

And to make it easier for you to decide on the choice of music for listening, we suggest recording a small collection of the best works of classical music and enjoying with your pets.

  1. “Aquarium” – from the suite “Carnival of Animals” – C. Saint-Saens
  2. “Waltz” – from the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” – P.I. Tchaikovsky
  3. “Minuet” – from Sonata No. 20 by L. van Beethoven
  4. “Sonata No. 17” – L.V. Beethoven
  5. “Waltz No. 7” – F. Chopin
  6. “Nocturne No. 2” – F. Chopin
  7. “Symphony No. 3, III movement” – J. Brahms
  8. “Moonlight” – C. Debussy


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