Dry and live food for fish

The feeding schedule must not be violated. How much to feed the fish in the aquarium? Better dry or live fish food? Can I feed green vegetables? How to give frozen food? The golden rule of the aquarium hobbyist is undernourishment than overeating. Do fish rush to feed “headlong”? 

The golden rule of the aquarium hobbyist is undernourishment than overeating. Do fish rush to feed “headlong”? This speaks of a healthy appetite, but you should not overfeed them. An unbalanced diet leads to obesity, digestive disorders and more serious problems.

How much to feed the fish in the aquarium – the diet cannot be violated

feed the fish in the aquarium

Feed your pets 1-2 times a day, strictly on time. The average portion per adult weight is 5%, for fry – 15%. The fry are very fond of live food (microworms, brine shrimp, ciliates). Consider the lifestyle of the fish in their natural habitat. Some are active during the daytime, others at night.

Breaking the feeding schedule causes unnecessary anxiety and stress. Go on a hunger strike once a week. Unloading will not interfere with the inhabitants of the aquarium. Purchase an aquarium feeder to avoid contaminating the bottom with food debris.

If you buy dry balanced diets, see the package for the answer to the question of how much to feed the fish in the aquariums. Manufacturers indicate the daily dosage, it should not be exceeded. It should be borne in mind that “drying” swells in the stomach, and overeating can cause digestive upset.

Dry food is stored for a long time at home without loss of nutritional value and unique properties. Select the form of release (granules, tablets, flakes), focusing on the size and biological species. It usually contains dried small crustaceans.

The percentage of protein, fat and fiber depends on the group (carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous). Balanced diets contain all the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamin groups. The most important vitamins for the proper growth and development of fish are A and C.

Fresh, frozen and live feed

Many feed their pets with fresh food. Omnivores can be given cooked green vegetables. Predators will love pieces of frozen fish, shrimp, and shellfish. Before using, consult with a specialist how much to feed the fish in the aquarium with fresh food, and how to properly handle them. You can not give poultry or animals, bakery products, cheese.

Frozen food must be thawed before serving to prevent ice crystals from injuring tiny stomachs. Let everything thaw well, strain before use. Bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, algae, mysids, molluscs, gerbils, plankton are sold frozen. There are special foods of this type, for example, spinach.

Live food for fish is insect larvae, worms, zooplankton, molluscs. It contains many nutrients and vitamins, but there is a risk of infection and parasites. Hydras and planarians in the aquarium can cause serious disturbance, kill fry and permanently disrupt the biological balance.

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