Freshwater aquarium fish, what do you need to know?

Much has been written about freshwater aquarium fish. And not unjustly, because the majority of the aquariums I come across are fish unfriendly. Many fish die and with a little knowledge that is not necessary. Therefore, read the blog about the most important knowledge about aquarium fish and the top 10 aquarium fish for beginners.

Freshwater aquarium fish can live for years . Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. And that is due to insufficient aquarium knowledge. I personally think it is important to use the right freshwater fish food and I use vitamins for my fish . This increases the resistance and that saves a lot of unpleasant consequences. Definitely try.

The most essential tip for setting up your aquarium in such a way that fish feel comfortable in it is to take nature as an example. This applies not only to decorative elements, but mainly to the water values. A fish that is used to relatively acidic water does not belong in soft water.

And so there are plenty of examples for freshwater aquarium fish. In this blog you will find a lot of information about the general questions. Read more information about tropical aquarium fish

Freshwater aquarium fish: how old do they get?

Many people do not know that freshwater aquarium fish live more than a year. Hold on tight, most species live more than five years and often 10 to 20 years! So many reasons to set up your aquarium as well as possible. Keeping live animals also gives you a certain responsibility. Saves money and the unnecessary loss of fish lives.


Usually fish are fed flake food, and they have to make do with that. Unfortunately, that is often not enough. You can compare it to eating microwave meals every day. Without fresh food and fruit sometimes, you are more likely to get sick. This is also the case with fish.

So buy a bag of daphnia or larvae. Your fish will thank you and their immune system will get stronger. Tip : Suffering from fruit flies? Catch them and throw them into the aquarium. Fish love it!

Freshwater or saltwater?

Marine aquariums are among the most beautiful living paintings. However, if you are just starting out with an aquarium, it is strongly not recommended to start with a seawater aquarium. Both have certain water values, but the main difference between freshwater and saltwater is that saltwater all contain salts that affect the water. Knowledge of this is absolutely necessary and can be complex. Therefore, always start with a freshwater aquarium. And fear not, a freshwater aquarium can be as tough as you want it to be, but will make a wonderful decorative addition.

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