Goldfish in an aquarium – Care guide for beginners

Goldfish is often seen as easygoing guests in the aquarium, but these fish also have their own requirements. Keeping goldfish often goes wrong due to lack of knowledge. Just think of the many goldfish that have to spend their short lives in a fishbowl. By providing your goldfish with the right habitat, it will live longer and show its natural behavior.

Goldfish is regularly kept in a pond, but they also come into their own in an aquarium. Especially if you take their wishes into account when setting up your tank.
What requirements and wishes do goldfish have when it comes to their habitat? In this blog you can read what your tank must meet to offer your goldfish a long and happy life.

Dimensions aquarium goldfish

If you want to keep goldfish, your adventure starts with choosing an aquarium. What dimensions do you need? You buy goldfish small, but a normal goldfish can grow to an average length of 40 centimeters. These are therefore best kept in a pond. Or you need a lot of space for a large aquarium. The breeding varieties are a lot smaller. You will find that a goldfish in a small tank will remain smaller than a fish that has all the space, but this is no reason to choose a smaller tank. Give your fish space!

aquarium goldfish

For ornamental goldfish you should quickly think of an aquarium of at least one meter long. Goldfish like to live in groups, so put a few together. The more fish, the more space they need. Keep at least 80 liters for one goldfish and at least 40 liters extra for each subsequent goldfish.

Goldfish are major polluters. The less space they have, the faster your tank will get dirty. Regular water refresh is therefore necessary. Don’t have enough time for this? Then choose a larger container, so that the water quality doesn’t go back too fast. A good aquarium filter is certainly not a luxury.

Suitable bedding and decoration for goldfish

Goldfish love to toss and turn in the soil. They can really make a mess of your tank. This is of course no reason not to put anything in it, but it is useful to think carefully about the decoration you use. Appropriate ground cover is the first step here. Sharp gravel is not an option. Your fish will damage themselves with this, with all kinds of unpleasant consequences.
It is better to use rounded pebbles of about 3 to 8 millimeters.

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Also for the decoration, choose suitable items for goldfish. Make sure that there are no sharp edges, and that they are stable. You don’t want the decorations to fall over when your fish are digging around in the bottom.

Suitable plants for goldfish

Many goldfish owners are wary of plants in their aquarium because the fish ‘dig’ them out when they dig through the bottom. Or they are simply eaten. This can indeed be difficult, but it is not a reason to keep all aquarium plants out of your tank. Goldfish also needs plants to experience a natural habitat.

Aquatic plants are also indispensable for a stable aquarium. Plants are an important link in the cycle in your aquarium. Goldfish separate ammonium and nitrate. This is absorbed again by the plants and converted into safe substances and oxygen.

Plants in the aquarium also provide your goldfish with shelter, reducing stress. Due to the lower temperatures in a goldfish aquarium, many aquarists do not get any further than plants such as waterweed. But there are plenty of other plants that do just fine.

A few examples?
Java fern is a very suitable plant for your goldfish aquarium. Especially if your tank is around 20 degrees. You attach Java fern to decorative material, such as wood or stone. This means you won’t be bothered by rioting fish that uproot your fern on the bottom. Goldfish do not like the stiff leaves and the taste of the Java fern and leave it alone.
Pennywort is another fun plant that works well with goldfish. In general, they leave this plant alone.
You can also put Chinese ivy in an aquarium with goldfish. This plant grows quickly in dense clumps. Even if your goldfish eats it, they generally grow faster, so they don’t bother them.

Heating and filtering for your goldfish

In terms of technology, you will in any case have to provide your tank with a good aquarium filter. In addition, there are regular doubts as to whether heating is necessary. Goldfish are cold water fish and do not need heating. They will also be able to hibernate in a pond during the winter, if it is deep enough.

Ornamental goldfish is less strong and like more heat. It is ideal if you can keep the aquarium water at a constant temperature between 18 and 20 degrees. Without heating this is quite difficult and you get larger temperature differences, they can’t handle that very well. An aquarium heater helps you keep the water at a constant temperature.

Do you have any fun or useful tips and tricks that you can use in your goldfish aquarium? Let us know in the comments below!

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