Goldfish lays on the bottom

Your goldfish often lays on the bottom of the aquarium? That’s a sign that your goldfish isn’t doing well. This may be due to lack of oxygen. The fish saves its strength due to lack of oxygen, but it can also be due to dropsy or other bacterial contamination.

Goldfish lays on the bottom with protruding scales

If your goldfish is on the bottom and has protruding scales (similar to a pine cone) then the goldfish is suffering from dropsy stomach. In that case, we advise you to start as soon as possible with one of the following medicines against dropsy stomach.

Goldfish lays on the bottom

Oxygen Deficiency

We still see goldfish bowls passing by, without a filter and with a few artificial plants. This is no longer of this time. Due to the small water surface and the stagnant water, fish quickly become deprived of oxygen. This can be recognized by the fish that go up, because the water at the top contains extra oxygen. But when the fish no longer has strength due to oxygen deficiency, the fish will lay on the bottom. Purchasing an oxygen pump is an emergency solution to quickly provide your fish with extra oxygen. An oxygen pump, also called an air pump, does not itself bring extra oxygen into the water, but because the water is more in motion, this ensures that more oxygen is absorbed in the water.
Having a filter pump sprayed over the surface can also help

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Bacterial infection

Does your goldfish have a bacterial infection? Then it is also possible that the fish is weakened and therefore lays on the bottom. The fish no longer has the energy to fight off the bacteria with its own immune system. A drug like eSHa2000 is very effective against bacterial infections in your goldfish and you will see that your goldfish is swimming happily again soon. Frits Kuiper Groningen has the following medicines in stock to get your goldfish back to health quickly.

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