How long do goldfish live and why do they die prematurely?


Creating a habitat for goldfish can be a serious investment since these bright and active fish need enough room to reach their full potential. Before spending a fortune on equipment and fish, it’s natural to investigate their life expectancy. How long do goldfish live and how do you make them reach their golden years?

Goldfish has a life expectancy that varies more than anything in the aquarium world. For the common goldfish, the answer to the question “How long do goldfish live?” not always easy!

Here is a short guide that will explain all of them.

You can quickly see how long goldfish live (in case you are curious), but you can also find out what factors influence their lifespan!

Well, it’s important to understand why some goldfish has longer lifespan than others if you are planning  to make them your adorable pet. This is one situation where solving a problem is also your path to success.

How long do goldfish live

How long do comet goldfish live

Because of the comet’s solid and dynamic nature, and the overall simplicity in focusing on them, they are the variety most appropriate to lakes and open air pools. They are regularly kept with koi in open air lakes.

Comets have a characteristic life expectancy of 5 to 14 years and may live significantly more in ideal conditions. If you want these tropical fish to keep you company for a long time, the right conditions are key. The lifespan of a goldfish is directly related to its environment.

Another problem they may encounter that will greatly affect their lifespan are common diseases. However, this can still be solved with the right conditions.

How long do fancy goldfish live

Presently, in case you’re considering how long fancy goldfish live, tragically, that is more limited than common goldfish, however still numerous years. Fancy goldfish are lovely, yet they are more sensitive than common and comet goldfish. Their normal life expectancy, if all around focused on, is somewhere in the range of 5 and 10 years.

How long do carnival goldfish live

Carnival goldfish are not a different breed of goldfish. The type of goldfish you win at an exhibition or carnival is usually an ordinary goldfish.

This type of goldfish has a long life time, even up to tens of years. But it is much less likely to be carnival goldfish than fish bought at a reputable pet store or from a farmer.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Carnival goldfish are often kept in poor condition before they are won. For example, they usually spend a long time in the tank with many other fish, before being transferred to small bags. They are becoming unhealthy and stressed.
  • Carnival goldfish are most likely not purchased from a quality pet store. Hence, they tend to be genetically weaker than well-bred goldfish.

Since carnival goldfish are an unexpected gift, new owners are usually not ready to raise goldfish. Most goldfish carnival winners don’t have recycled tanks or ponds ready to house fish, and most don’t know the basics of goldfish care. By the time they learn and find a bigger tank, it is often too late for the fish.

In case you’re willing to put resources into the drawn out necessities of your carnival goldfish, he may live more than 20 years. The longest-lived known carnival goldfish was won from a reasonable in Yorkshire, England in 1956. The fish lived until 1999, biting the dust at 43 years old.

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How long do Fantail goldfish live

The life expectancy of goldfish or some other fish relies upon your neighborliness. It’s not complicated, you take acceptable consideration of them, and their life expectancy will be longer.

This hypothesis holds for the fantail goldfish also. In this way, in the event that you keep the conditions directly in a tank, you can anticipate that a fantail goldfish should live for a very long time or more. Then, the ones in the lakes can satisfy 20 years.


Over the long term goldfish have become famous for not being long-lived, yet this isn’t the situation, if you give your fish a proper diet food and a good conditional pond arrangements they can live for more than 20 years. In fact, the longest lifespan of a goldfish was recorded at 45 years.

How long do goldfish live in a tank

In restraint, their lifespan is about 10-14 years in a 50 gallon tank. Healthy tanks, growing space, and proper diet food have a significant impact to goldfish’s lifespan

How long do goldfish live in a fishbowl

While it is quite clear that keeping goldfish in bowls is not a good idea, there is no definite number of years of bowl-raised goldfish to live. Usually, they will only have a normal lifespan of around 5 to 10 years, sometimes more or maybe less.

In addition, Tish (the most seasoned fish in the records mentioned above) was raised in a bowl somewhere in England and is still alive for an astonishing 43 years.

Even so, inadequate oxygen dissolved and toxins in the water will be built up rapidly in a fishbowl. So, it’s very possibly your fish will be more undesirable and pushed.

Ideally, an splendid goldfish tank ought to have at least 20-gallons of water for an common sized fish.

Another essential element that is often forgotten in most goldfish bowls is a filter!

A proper filter is suggested because goldfish can grow more than 12 inches which means they produce a greater bioload, outpacing the production of goldfish’s average waste.

So, in general, it is possible that a well-kept goldfish will live a long, healthy life in a fishbowl; if Tish is something to go through. However, such a setup can be quite difficult to maintain, especially as the fish get bigger.

In addition, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort changing the water and cleaning the tank. 

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How long do goldfish live in a pond

Keeping your pond water healthy is very important so a proper pond pump and filter system is required, you can’t place goldfish to your pond with improper equipment and expect them to survive, You might go with some goldfish in the large wildlife pond but that’s about it. In garden ponds with the right conditions, the lifespan of goldfish can be 20 years or more

Common goldfish has more lifespan in garden ponds than fancy goldfish such as lionheads and bubble eyes, the average lifespan of fancy goldfish is around 6-8 years and maybe a maximum of 15 years.



We don’t support starving your goldfish by any means. In any case, there can be times when you need to go for an outing or a work trip. During that time, imagine a scenario in which there’s nobody to take care of them.

Most goldfish can make due without eating for possibly 14 days. In this way, in the event that you plan on going out for a more expanded period, at that point kindly request that somebody feed your goldfish


In fact, goldfish can live as long as an hour out of water. This can be extended further if there may be water – for example a small puddle. Some goldfish can live as long as three hours on the floor, as water accompanies them as they jump out of the tank.


Here are some common problems new Goldfish owners face and ways to deal with them. Most of them are fast killers who attack within the first few weeks of acquiring new fish. Others can take months before they finally cull the fish to a destination where they can no longer go.

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Keeping their fish in an unfiltered bowl or tank

Despite the fact that goldfish bowls are very well known, they are far from being an ideal climate for goldfish. Goldfish are not difficult to really focus on, but they do need cleaning and air circulation around the water, which is difficult to keep in a goldfish bowl.

You should change the water in the fish tank like clockwork or maybe once every two weeks, with a drain. Why? Fish can get an alkaline hazard from the water, their own waste, and the pressure from being too dynamic in a simple tank. The pressure and damage of the alkalis will limit the limits of their lungs and they will die

Feeding them an improper diet and/or overfeeding

Overfeeding leads to poor water quality.

Even though there aren’t any leftovers left after you’ve finished feeding your fish, they can still eat more than they should.

This results in too much fish waste, which is very harmful to a smaller environment. Poisons from faeces can cause ammonia spikes that injure fish

Incompatible Tank Mates and Overcrowding

Incompatible tank mates can be another cause of Goldfish death. In a backyard pond setting, turtles, frogs, snakes, and even other fish become a predator of goldfish. cat and birds are also considered as the causes of premature deaths among your fish.

Excessive density can cause ammonium levels to spike and increase the chance of spreading disease. An adult goldfish needs as much as 20 gallons of water for each fish. These fish need a large natural environment with daily sun exposure. Fish must have sufficient space to swim freely in the pond without hitting pond ornaments or the like.

Once you’ve solved the most common problems associated with becoming a new fish keeper, raising Goldfish can be a rewarding and entertaining experience for a long time!

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