How Much Betta Fish Food

How to feed betta splendens properly, you probably wondered this question if you are a lover of aquarium fish and are going to replenish your indoor pond with such a specimen as a betta fish. On the loose, the males get food on their own. Small insects are suitable for them, of which in abundance hover over the water surface. Greens can also be eaten, for example, Javanese moss growing in water. Aquarium betta fish owners offer them food in the form of various flakes, or granular, produced by manufacturers in a wide range.

How Much Betta Fish Food

Feeding Recommendations For Betta Fish

So, the owners will not allow the betta fish to be left without food. But there is an opinion that overeating is harmful. And this applies not only to you and me, but also to the betta fish.

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How Much Feed To Feed Betta Fish?

Drop a pinch of any fish food on the surface of the water. Watch the fish. Did she eat the food quickly? Throw in the same amount. Do this for no more than two minutes. If all this time the fish has been eating what was offered, this is enough, it is full.

If the pet refuses to eat the proposed dish, or, after trying it, spits it out, the food clearly does not like it and will have to be replaced. Or maybe the fish just got sick. Try not to leave uneaten in the water in such cases. Food will start to decompose, give off an unpleasant smell, the habitat will deteriorate, and the fish may die.

If you feed the fish for more than two minutes, excessive intake will occur, having eaten to the fullest, the fish will gain excess weight. This can be seen by carefully examining it. There will be a bulge on the abdomen. To prevent the cockerel figurine from losing its slimness, do not overfeed it.

How Often To Feed Betta Fish

You only need to feed your males 1-2 times a day. This will be enough. Moreover, you do not need to give a lot of food. Small males should be offered small portions. If the fish asks for supplements, do not refuse. When spawning begins, the males should be fed at least 2 times a day. The fry should be fed with the same frequency.

It is recommended to arrange a fasting day once a week or to go on a hunger strike for the cockerels. It will not harm them, but on the contrary, it will create conditions for removing harmful deposits and toxicity from the fish body. Choose any day and let it be fasting. Then continue feeding your pets as usual.

What To Feed Betta Fish

It turns out that cockerels are not so harmless babies. They are the real predators ! No wonder they were given the nickname “Siamese fighting fish”. Seeing a threatening object on their way, they rush at it, if the object is in the same weight category, and try to bite and hit, and then eat. Betta fish like protein more than any other food.

The diet of the fish must be varied, and not given the same day after day.

You need to alternate the following types of feed:

  • special flakes, if you don’t want them, then bloodworm;
  • granules, sold in any food store, choose not too large so that they do not drown, the fish no longer sees such drowned food.
  • dry foods, also available in pet stores, these can be bloodworms and brine shrimp;
  • frozen foods;
  • live dishes, if there are live bloodworms or brine shrimp, consider that your fish are lucky: they will enjoy fresh food.
  • True, living food has its drawbacks. Both worms and bloodworms can become a source of infection. In infected water, the cockerel does not get sick for long. Therefore, it is better not to risk it and make frozen food out of live dishes.

How to cook them: you need to buy live bloodworms, brine shrimp, tubifex and freeze them, betta fish will willingly enjoy freezing. Just don’t defrost the dish and then let it freeze again. Fish will no longer find such a delicacy irresistible and they will ignore the food.

When buying bloodworms, pay attention to its size. It can be large and smaller. It is better to choose the smallest individuals for feeding the fish.

If it is possible to feed the betta fish with live food, see if it is convenient for the fish themselves. It happens that the food begins to move right in the mouth of the fish and from surprise it spits it out. Food runs to the bottom and hides among the ground.

In total, up to ten different dishes can be included in the cockerel menu. It:

  • The bloodworm is alive.
  • Frozen bloodworms.
  • Daphnias are alive.
  • Daphnia frozen.
  • Frozen vitreous worms.
  • Beef heart ice cream.
  • Frozen worms.
  • Frozen shrimp meat.
  • Live earthworms.
  • Insect larvae are alive.
  • Lettuce and spinach leaves after hot water treatment.

When composing a menu for your betta fish, remember that frozen meals should not be served with dry ones. If you feed the fish only dry food, they may die. Dry food alone is not useful not only for people, but even for fish.

If you have regular floating feeders for feeding your fish bloodworms, use them. Fill the pan sparingly, using the serving size that is consumed in 2-3 minutes of feeding at the surface of the water. A large dose will cause overeating and feeling unwell.

You can also put frozen bloodworms in the feeder. He will gradually thaw, and go to dinner for the cockerels.

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