How to choose the right aquarium stand

Luxury, or a guarantee of security?

– Please tell me if a 100-liter aquarium can withstand a regular TV stand?
– Will not a standard chest of drawers “fold”, like a house of cards, under two “cans” of 60 liters each?

These and similar questions are often asked by amateur aquarists in pet stores and on thematic forums, looking for a more spacious living space for their fish. Let’s figure out how necessary a professional stand for an aquarium is, and in what cases it is a prerequisite for the integrity and safety of the aquarium itself and the apartment in which it is installed.

Carefully! Load!

The design of a special stand is developed taking into account the loads from the aquarium. More than double safety factor is included in the calculation. This is a guarantee that both the stand and the aquarium will serve their owner for many years. For the stability of the entire system and even distribution of the load on the floor, the stand has a solid base. If the floors are parquet, or wooden on logs, then due to their fragility, you should pay close attention to the choice of a stand.

Now let’s look at the instruction manual for any cabinet furniture. It states that the furniture can only be used in accordance with its functional purpose. That is, an ordinary TV stand is designed for the weight of a modern TV, and cannot serve as a stand for an aquarium. For example, the weight of the same 100-liter aquarium 80 cm wide, filled with water, soil, and fully equipped with equipment, can be about 130 – 160 kg, which is not comparable with the weight of TV.

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Flawless surface.

For some reason, it was believed that the thicker the tabletop, the more reliable the stand. This is wrong. The most important thing is a perfectly flat surface. The slightest unevenness over time creates excess stress at this point, and the glass of the aquarium breaks, creating major problems for its owner and neighbors living below the floor. An accident, tragedy and a “global flood” will not happen if the aquarium is installed on a professional stand made of hardened, moisture-resistant material that does not deform over time. During the operation of the aquarium, the ingress of water on the stand is inevitable. Therefore, to increase the wear resistance and resistance to water, PVC-based edges are used, which reliably protect the ends of the stands. In order to exclude the slightest deformation,

Quality components.

For professional aquarium stands, laminated chipboard is used, the environmental safety of which is designated by the E1 class. The use of such material is permitted in children’s and medical institutions. The base doors are equipped with door closers. They open smoothly, without jerking. External filters and other aquarium equipment are easy to install and maintain. Thanks to the technological holes provided in the back wall of the stand. The assembly of parts with the help of fasteners-confirmations provides reliability and the strength required for this design. A wide range of colors and textures of chipboard allows you to harmoniously fit the stand into any interior, choosing the desired color scheme.

Expert opinion.

Let us ask what experts in the field of aquaristics think about the need for a professional aquarium stand: “… a stand for an aquarium … must meet two requirements. First, its strength and reliability are important. After all, the weight of a relatively small 200-liter aquarium, depending on its content (water, soil, stones, equipment), can total up to 300 kilograms. The stand that comes with the branded aquarium is designed for this weight. Secondly, it is a completely flat surface of the countertop. Even with its insignificant curvature, the lower glass of the aquarium will sooner or later crack under the pressure of its filling, and the water will end up on the floor with all the consequences that follow from this ”,

Now you know all about choosing the right stand for your aquarium, and that first of all it is a necessary safety measure, and only then – a stylish element of the interior.


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