How to Decorate a Freshwater Aquarium


In this guide, our aim is to help anyone who loves animals, especially fish, to care for them in the best possible way. Specifically, we want to learn how to decorate a freshwater aquarium in an exemplary way, so that it can be beautiful to look at and also in line with the style of your home. Decorating a freshwater aquarium may seem like a difficult task, but in reality it is not: with this tutorial you will be able to get some useful tips on how to build a habitat of a river or lake in the aquarium. Let’s see how to proceed.


  • stones
  • shells
  • grind
  • roots
  • Various objects
  • Nylon wire

Evaluate the origin of the fish

First of all, it must be said that the decoration of an aquarium can also be defined as art. The idea is to create a habitat for fish in an aquarium, creating a harmonious and at the same time healthy scenario. Before starting, it is advisable to inquire about the origin of the fish, to determine the right plants. If possible, it is recommended to set up rocks and add logs or roots. In doing so, an overall sense of depth and beauty of the aquarium will be produced.

Apply a background

First you need to apply a background of the aquarium. These wallpapers can already be bought: move between river landscapes, ocean floors or decorated backgrounds. In fact, it must be said that the fish feel stimulated by the backgrounds, which are also very easy to apply to the aquarium. These elements also help add depth to the structure.

Place the background

In the beginning it will then be necessary to place the gravel on the bottom and apply specific fertilizers to give the plants the necessary nutrients. Then the bottom should be covered with a layer of pebbles about 5 cm high. In addition, the plants must be inserted and anchored to the seabed. At this stage, remember to completely cover the roots with sand. The gravel applied should have the same characteristics of color and substance, without overdoing it with a gravel of a color that is too bright.

Pour the water

After arranging the plants and rocks, you can finally pour the water. Remember that you need at least 5 liters of water for each fish. Therefore, determine the number of fish in the aquarium and enter the correct amount of water. The decoration of your aquarium should also include some essential elements: make sure you have a filter, a thermostat and any other element necessary to protect the health of the fish.

Place the vegetation

To mute the jet, it is recommended to pour the water into a low container resting on the bottom; in this way the water comes out slowly; you should be about 15 cm high. In order not to remove the natural plants from the gravel, tie them to the root with a piece of nylon thread and hide them in the gravel. Long-stemmed plants should be placed at the bottom of the aquarium so as not to cover the landscape. Those of medium length should be placed in the center. On the sides or in the corners, while those with the shorter stem can be placed anywhere.

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Making cracks

At this point it is necessary to create hiding places, both with the stones and with ornaments. Stones should be used to form small caves; the stones should be without calcium and loose edges. They must be carefully fixed to prevent the fish from digging down and collapsing the structure. The trunks or roots decorate and help maintain the pH of the acid, but should be treated if used in an aquarium or eventually rot. After they are bought, they need to be soaked for a few days to remove the dirt.

Decorated with glass or ceramic objects

Finally, glass or ceramic objects can add beauty to the aquarium and remind the castaways of sailing ships and treasure chests. However, try to follow every advice so that you can dress up your freshwater aquarium in a tasteful way. Few items are enough, but a lot of imagination and desire to do, to decorate the aquarium and make it an integral part of it. In this way you achieve a twofold goal: to allow your fish to live in harmony and to have a valid piece of furniture that will bring prestige to your home.

Tips: Only use warranty products to decorate a freshwater aquarium

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