Ludwigia Repens Rubin

A very beautiful red variety of the Ludwigia plant. Originally found in North America, this plant is especially loved for its beautiful red color. The plant grows above the water with a natural green color. When the plant is submerged, it slowly undergoes a metamorphosis. The veins turn red, followed by the leaves (if there is enough light). The more iron there is in the water, the more intense the red color.

The plant itself is about 20-50 cm high with a width of about 4-6 cm. Proper pruning and replanting and this plant will make a very nice bunch. The plant itself is not greedy when it comes to nutrition. The plant does want to have sufficient light. If there is not enough light, the lower leaves will die and the red of the leaves will be less intense.

This plant offers a super contrast to light green and dark green plants and as one of the reddest among the red plants this is a guaranteed success!

Origin North America
Growth rate Medium to fast
Placement Background (20-50cm)
light Average to a lot
CO2 Low
Difficulty Level Comfortable

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