Manten Stone – The stone for aquascapers

Manten stone is one of the most commonly used stones in Iwagumi layouts. This is also not surprising in a layout type where especially the hardscape is dominant. The stone is perhaps the most beautiful type of stone that you can use in an aquarium.

What is Manten stone?

Manten stone is a rock that you mainly encounter in higher areas. Here you have to think of mainly mountains. The original name of Manten stone can be found with the founder of modern aquascapen, Takashi Amano. Contrary to popular belief, manten stone, is not only found in Japan. There are many types of similar rock found all over the world.

The latter may also be an issue. It is extremely difficult to get the stone in the Netherlands. It is hardly sold or not at all and if you find it then it is almost unaffordable per kilo.


Manten stone is created by millions of years of erosion on the rock, this together with the high pressure that has been pressing on the rock over the millions of years and you get the stone. A rock that has all the characteristics of a mini mountain wall. The stone comes in many shades, but usually the color is mainly in the warmer shades.

The color differences and formation ensure that this rock gives an unrivaled feeling of space in the aquarium. This is also immediately what you recognize a real Manten stone by. The warm stone color, the unique rugged shape and texture that brings the stone to life.

Basically this stone is made of pure volcanic rock. It has only been so squeezed together by the millions of years that we would no longer recognize it as the traditional lava. And also does have the advantage that in most cases it is safe for all aquarium animals. It is of course still good to watch and test. Something that is easy to see: if it has white veins/lines, it often contains calcite, which causes an increase in the gH and KH values.

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