Micranthemum Monte Carlo

Have you ever wondered how aquariums have such a beautiful green carpet on the bottom? This plant is the answer. There are several plants on the market that cover the ground, but this is the easiest. The Micranthemum Monte Carlo divides slowly, so that it gradually expands. Is there a rock in the way? No problem! He just goes around it but will try to get into all the edges. It is a very nice plant to have in your aquarium.

However, planting Micranthemum can seem a bit difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. The roots are very thin, making them difficult to attach to the soil in the beginning. Of course there are tricks to keep it on the bottom. The easiest is to sprinkle a little bit of your gravel over it. We also have special clips in the store with which you can easily put them in the ground. You can just leave it there and the plant will just grow over it. The further application of the plant is super simple.

  1. Remove the rock wool.
  2. Divide the plant into 5 pieces.
  3. Planting in the formation of the number 5 on a die.
  4. To be patient.

Don’t worry if some leaves die; this is normal. The micranthemum has to adapt to the water. As long as you leave the plant alone, give it enough light and keep adding your standard nutrition, it will come back just as hard within about 2 weeks and it will turn green again!

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Origin South America
Growth rate Average
Placement Foreground (3-5cm)
light Average – A lot
CO2 Ensures faster growth
Difficulty Level Comfortable

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