Nano Aquarium – A Feast For The Eyes

Nanos means nothing more than ‘dwarf’ in Greek. A good indication for the small aquariums from 30 to 50 cm that we call Nano aquarium. A stylish, elegant aquarium containing very small fish, shrimp and small aquarium plants that would be lost in a large aquarium. Everything in a Nano aquarium is more sensitive and vulnerable due to its small size. So you will have to pay more attention to it than with a large aquarium.

Nano aquarium is really great!

Important to know: start with a good aquarium and the right bacteria. A good aquarium is half the battle. I personally find the Belly 30 very suitable because it is an all-in-1 aquarium, with good stuff. You also need the right start-up bacteria , such as Bacto Turbo. To solidify plant food to help the plants grow well. There is special plant food for that . Then you know for sure that your Nano aquarium will be a success!

Aquarium plants in a Nano aquarium?

In Nano aquarium, aquarium plants also have an important role. The oxygen that is produced during the day, the shelters for fish and shrimps and the design are important aspects in this.

Only small aquarium plants are suitable for the Nano aquarium. It is good to remember that the requirements of these plants correspond to those of the aquarium inhabitants. Also read the following blog about suitable aquarium plants in the aquarium .

Periodic maintenance around your aquarium plants is necessary. Your aquarium plants must be properly pruned back in a Nano aquarium. Overgrowth is not necessary and should be avoided.

Tip:  make sure that the Nano aquarium is not in the sun and preferably in a quiet place. Otherwise, algae will appear quickly.

Regular thinning and pruning keeps the container beautiful. Do the following pruning:

  • Stem plants: if they become too tall and bare, remove the entire stem, cut the bottom off and put the overgrown top back in the ground
  • Other plants: remove newly formed excess crop or put it in a different place in your aquarium
Tip: replace 20 percent of the water every week and you will keep the aquarium clear and healthy.

Aquarium fish in a Nano aquarium?

A Nano aquarium is not suitable for keeping many or large aquarium fish. This has to do with the fact that aquarium fish release waste products into the water. Due to the small size of the Nano aquarium, these waste materials are a major burden on the water quality. Even if you were to change the aquarium every day. However, you can certainly keep aquarium fish in it. Following is a selection of suitable aquarium fish for your Nano aquarium. Also read the following blog about suitable aquarium fish in a Nano aquarium.

Tip: feed in moderation. Too much food causes an explosive growth of algae. A little bit every other day is usually sufficient.

Taking care of the Nano aquarium

As stated, a Nano aquarium needs more attention than a normal aquarium. However, that doesn’t mean spending a lot of time cleaning it. Regularity is more important than just a lot of time alone. So what exactly should you do?

Daily maintenance

Look carefully to see if you can see algae growth, because you don’t want to keep algae in your tank for too long. Your beautiful aquarium will be overgrown in no time. Also check for missing fish. That is often a sign that something is not quite right. Then test your water right away.

Weekly maintenance

it is advisable to change the water partially every week. Contrary to popular belief, you only need to change 20 percent of your water every week. That is enough to maintain the balance in the aquarium and to remove waste products. Finally, clean the glass every week.

Monthly maintenance

clean your filter every month. In particular, the top layer of the filter should be changed (rinse in lukewarm water until the dirt is gone) because that’s where most of the dirt will be. The filter layers underneath are best left alone so that the colonies with good bacteria are not disturbed too much.

Semi-annual maintenance

Check the lighting every year. If you have fluorescent tubes, it is good to know that they wear out over time. They still give light, but the intensity is not sufficient to feed the aquarium plants sufficiently. It is best to replace the tubes once a year. This does not apply to LED, these lamps last for years. Also check every year whether the pump is working properly.

Tip:  make sure you don’t have too many animals in your tank. Tanks up to 20 liters can only accommodate one type, tanks up to 35 liters a maximum of two types.

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