Saltwater Aquarium Fish – List Of Marine Aquarium Fish Species

Saltwater aquarium fish is distinguished by an extraordinary variety of colors and shapes. Its content is significantly different from what is required for the usual freshwater fish. Saltwater aquarium fish is difficult to care for and not recommended for beginners. A marine aquarium is a reservoir for specialists who will be able to provide the fish with all the necessary conditions.

The Consideration Of Aquarium And Fish Choosing

A marine aquarium can have a different volume, and it is important to correctly select the inhabitants for it, taking into account their characteristics. When setting up fish for a small aquarium, first of all, you need to find out about the compatibility of the selected individuals, since they must match each other not only in size, but also in the degree of aggressiveness. Experts recommend choosing fish no more than 5 cm in size for a small aquarium, with a calm character, not very mobile. In addition, in a small reservoir it is much more difficult to organize the correct system of water purification and oxygenation.

Setting Up Marine Aquarium

A large aquarium has room for large predators that need plenty of space to swim. In a spacious container with a volume of 300 liters or more, it is possible to create an exquisite and complex world in which various species of fish will live, as well as corals, actinidia, molluscs and invertebrates. When setting up fish for such an aquarium, you need to pay attention to their following features:

  • toxicity – not all aquarium marine fish, in which poisons are produced in the body, can be kept together with other species;
  • behavioral features – it will not be possible to keep slow and mobile individuals in one aquarium, since the latter will injure the first during movement, touching them;
  • tendency to spoil corals – some fish species will not allow creating a wonderful coral world in the aquarium, as it will nibble them.

It is also not advisable to buy already adult individuals, since they are much more difficult to tolerate the change of conditions, while young, still growing fish are easier to adapt in a new aquarium, and the risk of disease is less. Also, young individuals will cost much less, and they will delight the owner longer. However, starting up small fish, you must immediately take into account that they will grow.

Most Popular Of Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Many species of fish can be kept in a saltwater aquarium, but there is still a certain group that belongs to the most popular. All these marine fish for an aquarium have a very attractive appearance and behavior, and are also not very demanding, which is why it is possible to organize the care of a marine aquarium on your own without involving specialists, whose services are very expensive. Below are the species of Saltwater Aquarium Fish:


parrot fish

The name of the fish is due to the fact that its mouth outwardly resembles a parrot’s beak. There are several color options for such aquarium inhabitants. These fish spoil corals by crushing them with their special mouth. They do not eat corals, but destroy them in the process of searching for invertebrates that may take refuge in them. Parrots do not show aggression towards other fish in the aquarium and can coexist with even smaller species.

Fire Angel

Fireangel fish

The color of the fish is very bright, the main one is fiery orange with black vertical stripes on the body and several piercing blue strokes on the fins. Such a pet prefers to swim among corals. He negatively experiences even a small change in water parameters, and therefore it is necessary to seriously prepare for the resettlement of such a fish and provide it in a new place with conditions that are as close as possible to the original ones.

The fish is not aggressive towards other species that live in corals, but it is dangerous for small invertebrates that are food for it. Pet food needs live, frozen and vegetable food.


Surgeon fish

The name of the fish was from a rigid plate at the base of the tail, resembling a scalpel. It serves to protect against predators in nature. The surgeon is a herbivorous marine aquarium that eats algae and poses no threat to its neighbors. The most popular color of fish is a contrasting blue-blue with a yellow stroke on the tail. In rare cases, the owners notice a passion for spoiling plants and persecuting invertebrates, from which they fall into a state of stress.


Zebrasoma fish

Peaceful fish with a delicate sunny yellow color. It is advisable to keep them in a small group of 5 or more individuals. Fish actively explore the bottom and corals in search of algae that feed on. Lighting for such pets requires bright. It is possible to settle fish in a home reservoir only if there is a very large aquarium, since one individual needs about 200 liters of water for a comfortable life.


These classic marine aquarium dwellers have a peaceful disposition and get along well with non-aggressive neighbors. The sizes of pets are from 10 to 18 centimeters. They need flock maintenance. Fish are active and mobile. Under good conditions in the aquarium, clowns can even breed in captivity, producing quality offspring.

Chrysiptera sapphire

The color of the pet is sapphire blue. In the rays of the sun, there may be a lilac or greenish tide. Fish often conflict with each other and with other species. Because of this, keeping them will require a large aquarium with various hiding places. It is advisable to select only strong neighbors for chrysipters, whom they cannot drive to exhaustion or bring to a state of permanent stress.

Royal gram

A small fish with a bright pink and yellow color, which has a rather absurd character, but does not require difficult conditions of detention. The pet’s behavior is territorial, so a spacious tank should be available for it. You should not keep fish with unrelated species, most likely an eccentric gram of its behavior will cause stress, due to which neighbors may die. These fish need to be fed with bioplankton.

Guban pajamas

The fish is smart and quite aggressive. She not only protects the selected area, but can persistently and for a long time drive all neighbors around the aquarium, not giving them rest. She easily adapts to new conditions of detention, and it is not so difficult to move her to another artificial reservoir.

It is necessary to keep such a pet with strong fish or in a species aquarium. It is not suitable for gentle neighbors, as it drives them to death.

Clown triggerfish

A beautiful and expensive pet that cannot be bought at any store. It is only available in large stores specializing in marine aquariums. With the right content, it can live a long time and does not lose its attractiveness with age.

The fish is aggressive, requiring a spacious aquarium. It also easily spoils corals and poorly insulated equipment. The popularity of the triggerfish is because of its visual appeal and long life.

Experts recommend keeping one such fish in a water volume of at least 400 liters. Neighbors are selected, not inferior in size and strength. You need to feed the triggerfish with squid, mussels, crab and shrimp meat.

Moorish idol

A beautiful, but especially water-demanding fish, which is highly popular among experts in the marine aquarium, who are able to create the necessary conditions for the pet. The life span of a fish does not exceed 5 years.

Triggers and surgeons are brought in as neighbors. The pet should be fed with bryozoans, sponges and various inactive invertebrates. They also provide frozen food and chopped beef heart.

Lion scorpion

It is a predator, but it perfectly coexists with large peace-loving species that will not oppress it. The view is unpretentious. You can feed your pet with live fish or high-quality frozen food – this will not affect the health of the predator.

The fish have poisonous thorns, which can seriously injure your hands. The injection is very painful. Because of this, special care should be taken when caring for a reservoir with such an inhabitant.

Perch chinese

The fish is medium-sized, about 15 cm long, with an incredibly bright and attractive color. There are two varieties: ordinary and bright. You can keep them together. Chinese perch feeds on small invertebrates, which are fed live or frozen.

Antiasy family

The family includes about 200 species. These are beautiful saltwater aquarium fish that are suitable for the novice marine aquarium hobbyist. All fish are schooling. They are often kept in small aquariums with live corals, which these animals do not spoil. In order for them to feel comfortable, they need to organize various shelters. These species should not be kept with large and especially aggressive neighbors.

Imperial angel

Fish with a very beautiful appearance and completely unpretentious at the same time. Their color combines various shades of blue and light blue. With proper maintenance, a pet can live up to 15 years. One individual needs at least 250 liters of water.

Do not keep imperial angels with sea urchins, as fish can tear pieces off them. Also, some individuals are ready to hunt for fish of other species, which will be much smaller. It is necessary to feed the pets with worms and various small invertebrates.

Features Of Marine Aquarium Care

There are certain general guidelines for the care of a marine aquarium that will help the novice aquarist avoid common mistakes. First of all, you must remember that you can only use sea salt. If you add stone to the water, the fish will die or become seriously ill.

The entire system should be started in advance, before the fish are populated. Salt, on average, is poured into a container in an amount of 3 kg per 100 liters of water. After that, it is necessary to conduct a test for water indicators no earlier than 3 hours later, since there will not be an accurate result earlier due to the fact that not all the salt has time to dissolve.

The filtration and aeration system needs an external flow-through system. This will maximize the saturation of the water with oxygen and ensure sufficient flow. Also, with such cleaning, many beneficial bacteria will not be lost.

Lighting should be available according to the needs of the fish. For some, it needs to be very intense, while others are quieter in the presence of areas with shading. Depending on the inhabitants, a standard aquarium lamp is used, or a special one that works in a certain light spectrum.

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