The Causes Of Black Spots On Goldfish

Black spots on goldfish are not only bothering. It is harmful that it can cause the death of the goldfish. Chances are, goldfish with black spots may suffer from diseases or they are intoxicated. This is what fish owners need to pay a serious concern. The death of black goldfish can be caused by a digestive system disorder.

Goldfish actually becomes the most favorite fish among fish lovers. They are actually easy to maintain when owners don’t take the regular maintenance for granted. It is as easy as keeping the water in a tank or pool clean and ammonia-free. Of course, feeding adequately is also worth noting. But, whenever owners don’t pay attention to these regular matters, they might find out that their goldfish suffer from digestive disorders or even ammonia burn. The latter is very common among goldfish.

Diseases That Relate to Black Spots on Goldfish

The Causes Of Black Spots On Goldfish

Goldfish may suffer from diseases. But, the most common one is due to parasites. Causes vary in which goldfish may be living on dirty water that contains bad particles for the fish. Bad particles lead to the growth of parasites that can dwell on the goldfish skin. Those parasitic flatworms show up on the skin as small black spots. They are also seen on fish flesh and fins. So far, the problem is still unsolvable, because parasites may not deliver a harmful impact to the fish.

The major problem that relates to the dark spot on goldfish is the fish’s overall performance. They may look worse than they were used to be. The main solution for this problem is by removing black spots by skinning the infected fish. In order to avoid this problem, owners need to pay attention to the parasite life cycle.

This kind of problem happens to goldfish that live in a pool. The cycle of life of parasites starts with the release of worms from fish-eating bird droppings, containing the eggs of adult worms to the water. Eggs are hatching once they reach water and turning into organisms that penetrate snails where they develop. Eventually, those organisms leave snails before burrowing into the fish skin to form a cyst. Then, the fish will surround the cyst with black pigment. Then, the bird will consume the infected fish in which will start the cycle ever again.

Level of Ammonia

Checking the water with a test kit is the first thing to do before it is too late. Ammonia is common in the water where there are some goldfish in the tank. But, whenever the level is too high, then the fish can start suffering from burned fish.  Check whether the ammonia level is higher than 0.2 milligrams in each liter. Goldfish that suffer from ammonia burn may be seen tired by resting on the tank bottom.

Regular water change is the key to keep the ammonia level at the lowest rate. Replacing a water tank is also worth doing, particularly when the tank is small enough for several goldfish. Whenever it isn’t possible, then owners can use a water filter to minimize the increase of ammonia level.

Genetics Factor

Keep in mind that there are times when some species of goldfish have a black spot. It means owners shouldn’t need to worry. Some goldfish have black spots on the top of their body so it is not harmful. Some owners worry about this because goldfish with black spots on the body shows this sign when they are already growing. Some of them experience color transformation which occurs whenever they are big enough. For owners who don’t want to speculate about this matter, then it is best for them to ask for details before buying goldfish.

A Brief Test

Some fish owners are not sure that their goldfish are sick. Experienced owners try to make a test by adding some color to the water tank. The natural change of goldfish is the body will turn black when they live in a water tank with dark surroundings and very few decorative items. Then, the test is by adding lights to the water tank and add some decorations with vibrant colors. The goldfish will turn brighter when they are in healthy condition. So, owners have to examine thoroughly whenever they find black spots on goldfish, before they conclude that the goldfish is sick or healthy.

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