What are the differences between aquarium fluorescent lamps?

Have you ever wondered why the plants and fish look better on someone else? This may very well be due to the lighting in your aquarium.

Most aquariums come standard with a white light bulb. This is quite neutral light. Bright, clear and creates very hard shadows. This light is nice for the beginner and for aquariums with cichlid in it; fish that are naturally so beautifully brightly colored and actually do not need any special light. You will also usually find little to no plants in these types of aquariums.

Nature light

Natural light (yellow/orange) gives a different effect. This is usually a mix of red and white light. This makes for a more natural mix. The advantage of this is that it has a nicer and softer light on both the fish and the plants. Shadows become softer and grab less attention; This of course benefits the fish. This light has another advantage. Plants grow better under it, they stay healthier and give off more oxygen.

Colors light

Finally the purple light. This light takes advantage of both red and blue light. This means that the light is softer and that the plants grow better on it. Now comes the best. The blue light ensures that the color of the fish stands out even more beautifully. If you have fish with a beautiful color or shiny skin, you will immediately notice a difference.

For larger aquariums with a lot of plants and 2 fluorescent beams in it, it is recommended to put a natural light beam and a purple fluorescent beam in it. This is to stimulate plant growth and because the fish will look nicer.

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