Why Betta Fish Laying On Side At Bottom Of Tank?

Many owners find that their betta fish laying on side at bottom of tank. While some betta fish like to stay at the tank bottom, there is a slight chance that the fish is sick or facing health disorders. However new owners might have several questions that relate to their betta fish behavior. They find out that this act is strange. The fact is that even experience owners also face the odds.

Betta Fish Laying On Side At Bottom Of Tank – Find Out Why

This is actually the most common sign of a betta fish that shows they are ill. This behavior is lethargy. There are some reasons why the betta acts lethargic. Among the most common causes are :


Don’t think that betta fish can’t suffer from these symptoms. This kind of fish has very little stomachs. Besides, some owners, mostly new ones, overfeed their betta fish. It is true that it takes the right time for finding out about “the right” amount to feed the Betta fish. When it is constipated, it tends to bloat or float to the top of the tank even if it is still alive.

When it shows the sign of constipation, owners can feed them with extra fiber food. Still, it doesn’t have to be too much to avoid overfeeding. The high fiber level can allow the betta fish to poop the next day. But, if it doesn’t poop, then owners can still repeat the process while having a consultation with a reliable vet.

Need Water Replacement

This kind of fish is somewhat sensitive though it looks hardy. But, fish owners have to cycle the water regularly. Betta fish might produce lots of waste. When the water is dirty because of their waste that produces a high amount of nitrates. Then they won’t be able to survive in a fish tank. It will cause them to suffer from diseases. First, they might show the sign of losing their appetite. 

Why Betta Fish Laying On Side At Bottom Of Tank

The water conditioner is very recommended. It’s not too pricey as well. It is a good investment for saving both owners and fish from stress. Or else, fish owners will end up feeling tired because of treating the fish within poor water conditions. Here is a little secret: give an additional plant, such as moss ball for keeping the nitrates level low. It is also good for avoiding the growth of algae within the tank.

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Temperature of Water 

The tank should be at the proper temperature for betta fish to survive. It should be at least 25.5°C and not more than 26.5°C. When it doesn’t meet the requirements, then the water might be too cold for the betta fish that can suffer from shock. A water heater is needed when the water tank has 2.5 gallons or more. A water heater isn’t allowed on a smaller tank as it can fry the fish.

Reducing Ammonia Level

Ammonia level within a tank is unavoidable. This is why filters are highly important. Otherwise, the water can contain a high level of ammonia that causes sick betta fish. The ammonia level shouldn’t be more than 0.25 ppm. For keeping the water healthy, it is also recommended to keep nitrates less than 40 ppm in avoiding the water from getting toxic. All in all, clean filters are highly recommended.

Low Level of Oxygen

Like other animals, betta fish should breathe properly. Some owners are confused as they don’t have a tank. If it happens, they can pour new water within. But, having a pump or bubbler is still recommended. A bubbler can help the betta fish to swim to the top. Still, changing new water regularly is very much required. 


Noisy surroundings can increase the stress level of a betta. So, owners need to keep it happy by providing good water conditions and good oxygen levels. It is easy to notice when betta isn’t feeling stressed anymore by seeing it sleeping at the bottom of tanks with regular breathing. Of course, it happens when the Betta only does this for a short time.


Betta fish laying on the side at bottom of tank shows several signs. It takes time for owners to learn the behavior of Betta and keep learning about the common symptoms that it shows.

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