Why Does My Betta Fish Stay At The Top Of The Tank?

You might have asked about “why does my betta fish stay at the top of the tank”. There are reasons why your fish is doing it. Chances are, the fish is trying to battle for some issues that affect its health. Staying at the top of the tank is different from lying sideways on the tank bottom. When it stays at the top of the tank, with the trouble of swimming, then it may be facing highly serious problems. What are those problems?

Betta Fish Stay At The Top

Find Out Why Does My Betta Fish Stay At The Top Of The Tank?

Some betta fish still look healthy though they are seen staying in a certain part of the tank. When it happens, find out whether the filter is too powerful.  Keep in mind that this is not a strong swimmer. It can get tired easily. It is easy to be lethargic when the strong water flow in the tank disrupts it.  However, when the water flow isn’t really too strong yet the betta still swims sideways along the gravel, then it can be suffering from a malady of the swim bladder.

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Sick Betta

A sick betta often stays at the top of the tank. The possibility is that the betta is in the process of disease battling. It may also suffer from an infection. When it is gasping for air or lying on its side without any ability to move, then the cause is an infection that is caused by fungal or bacterial. When it happens, owners have to inspect its sores, whether it is the bulging eyes or it can be white spots and any other signs of disease.

A clean tank is what the betta needs. This is because a dirty water tank that contributes to the illness of betta. When the betta is fed often yet does not get their water changed regularly, then lots of waste build-up and nutrients in the tank will cause the thriving of bacteria and ammonia. Even worse, parasites are growing fast.

When the betta looks sick, then it should be placed in a quarantine tank. Then, clean the previous tank thoroughly. However, when the betta does not get well after swimming in a clean tank, then it requires some medication for helping it to fight off diseases.

How to Avoid Sick Betta

Betta isn’t the only kind of fish that requires a bigger tank. All fish will be healthier within a large tank. When water within a very small bowl or tank, the waste can be easily building up itself as the pollution is increasing quickly. The case will be different when a tank has more water volume with a filter.

It is easy to notice that bettas that are dwelling in a big box on pet stores are seen lying on their side as they are swimming in their waste and food leftovers. It is not a healthy surrounding for the betta as it leads to a fungal infection or another disease.

So, it is better to provide at least a 2.5-gallon tank for the best environment that betta fish need. Even if they can survive in smaller tanks, even in smaller wild areas, many domestic bettas will stay healthy and survive longer in bigger tanks. This is due to the water conditions that are changed regularly. Besides, owners can control the waste much easier in bigger tanks.

Some betta owners even provide a tank with 5-gallon water volume. It is spacious enough for the betta, as they can exercise. Besides, owners can easily aquascape their tanks.

Finding Out Whether The Betta Is Sick

If you notice the floating betta, then you should check out its fins or its patches. When it feels like cotton or it is clumped up, then it might be suffering from a fungal infection. Usually, the betta looks lethargic and pale. When it happens, then you should quarantine the fish because fungal infections are exceedingly transmissible and can straightforwardly be extended to other inhabitants on the tank.

Now, you don’t have to ask about why does my betta fish stay at the top of the tank because you can deal with this problem easily, as you have gone through a deep examination of the fish.

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