Why Does The Goldfish Turn Over And Swim Upside Down?

A goldfish is an adornment of any aquarium, a gaze is involuntarily attracted to it, I want to watch its smooth movements endlessly, but … what to do if it suddenly floated to the surface of the water and turned upside down with its belly, because this is considered a formidable sign, a sign of a serious physiological disorder? The goldfish is not only a very beautiful aquarium fish, but also very sensitive to the slightest changes in habitat conditions: water temperature, its quality, chemical composition, and especially nutrition. If, for example, a swordsman or gourami can more or less adapt to its habitat, in the case when it does not differ much from the natural environment, then ideal conditions must be created for the goldfish. Only then will she live a long, fulfilling life, delighting the eyes of her contemplators.

Goldfish Swim Upside Down

Why A Fish Can Swim Upside Down

There are many reasons why a beautiful inhabitant of the aquarium can swim upside down and in particular this:

  • Mycobacteriosis, which is a rather dangerous and incurable disease, expressed in the formation of pathogenic microflora, destroying the insides of the fish and causing impaired coordination of movements;
  • Deformation of the swim bladder. This can happen either as a result of injury when colliding with other inhabitants of the aquarium, which are often quite belligerent and dividing territory, or in the course of some disease-causing process, usually bacterial cell damage;
  • Unbalanced, unhealthy diet. On the last point, as the most common cause of a fish disease, it is worth dwelling in more detail.

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Having decided to purchase a goldfish, it is important first to carefully study all the nuances of its maintenance and breeding, because inattention to this issue can lead to losses.

Some novice aquarists believe that goldfish can turn over due to the fact that, while absorbing food, they swallow water, as a result, the water outweighs the swim bladder and the fish turns over. But actually it is not.

Goldfish have been bred for a long time by genetic selection based on the selection of physiological mutations. And its progenitor is the carp.

It is known that, like goldfish, carp also loves to collect all kinds of food from the surface of the water – duckweed, small insects, etc., but in nature, carp does not turn over by itself: water entering with food leaves through the gills, and this does not cause internal violations. But disturbances can be caused by improper nutrition – a goldfish does not have a stomach, all food instantly enters the intestine and, if it is rich in proteins, is not able to be digested quickly, as a result of which the process of decay begins, the formation of pathogenic microflora, gases, which push the fish to the surface water, as a result of which it can swim belly up. And this is already very dangerous for her.

The gross mistake of novice aquarists is keeping goldfish along with other aquarium fish and feeding standard protein feed. Of course, the golden beauty will not refuse live food – bloodworms and even more so, a tubifex, but live food is a protein that is contraindicated in high dosages for these fussy. It is important here to maintain balance and focus on plant foods that are digested quickly without bringing such dire consequences. Protein feed carries another danger – obesity. And for fish, obesity is tantamount to injury – in advanced cases, it is no longer possible to correct the situation, and the fish dies. The fact is that with obesity, the liver suffers most of all, which is covered with layers of fat and increases in volume. Unable to cope with its functions, the liver also begins to outweigh the swim bladder, which neither the fish nor the breeder is able to cope with, and as a result, it is again possible turning over with the belly up.

Dry food is also very harmful, which for a long time remains on the surface of the water, but begins to gradually swell, getting into the intestines, which can also cause internal disturbances and, as a result, overturning. But is it possible to somehow help a sick fish?


If the fish only occasionally turns over after eating the wrong food, but after a while returns to its normal position, it is necessary to immediately remove it from other fish and hold it on a starvation diet. After a day or two, you need to give exclusively plant food and in small portions. And only when the problem is resolved, you can return the isolated fish to the aquarium, not forgetting that the food must be special. Today it will not be difficult to find a balanced special food that will help the goldfish to lead an active and, most importantly, long life.

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